ROBERT Companysells and buysfresh champignon andoyster mushroomsin a complex of storage depotslocatedin Siedlce, Sokołowska152E Street. We have our ownfleet ofrefrigeratedtrucks, whosedrivers aretrained in quality grading.

We onlybuymushroomsthat meetthe requirements ofquality certificationISOQAR. We also workon Sundays and holidaysto ensurea constant supplyof fresh mushrooms. We strictly comply withthe rules of hygieneamong ouremployeesand requireit fromsuppliers cooperatingwith the company.






FHU ROBERT equipped with a modern production line is able to provide different ways of packing of mushrooms, from the standard boxes of different capacities, to the small unit packaging trays designed for direct sales in retail chains. Our products are labeled with company’s  label, or at customer’s request label made ​​by commissioned pattern. We are able to adapt the method of packaging the product depending on individual requirements of a client.

To transport fresh mushrooms our company uses its own modern refrigerated trucks, which distributes the goods throughout the country as well as foreign markets. At the request of the contractor we use third-party domestic and foreign transport companies who understand the specificity of the transported goods. Below we present some examples of packaging methods of champignon and oyster mushrooms.

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