In recent years, the cultivation of champignon mushrooms in Poland is developing more dynamically. This is due to the fact that the cost of manual harvesting in Germany, the Netherlands and France is very high. At the same time, market demand for mushrooms derived from mechanical harvesting is declining. On the other hand, the demand for high-quality mushrooms, which can be obtained only when picked manually, is maintained. Fungus harvested in this way is characterized by the highest quality and is designed to direct consumption or processing.

FHU Robert specializes in this type of production of fresh mushrooms. We use modern technologies and organic methods of cultivation of the fungus. Our product is gaining recognition of national and foreign customers. Directly after manual harvesting mushrooms are sorted and cooled. At every stage of production, transport and storage we take care of hygiene of workers, cleanliness of the premises and means of transport.
We are constantly supervised by MWIORiN in Warsaw O / Siedlce and inspector of IJHARS. The company meets the requirements of ISO 22000 certification. Quality and freshness of the product is a priority of our company.

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